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Why Drones Are Changing The Real Estate Landscape

The real estate market has evolved considerably in recent years and technology has changed the market to a fascinating extent. The emergence of the internet has changed how people search for property, and it has even created a new way for estate agents to operate. There is a lot to be said for technological advances and it could be that drones are the latest aspect that has changed the real estate landscape for the better.

Images lie at the heart of selling or promoting property and for many people, aerial footage is important. There is a great deal to be said for aerial footage of property, and a great-quality image stands out from the standard images taken and share of property.

If you have been considering the benefits of aerial footage in showcasing property, the previous best option would be to hire a helicopter and capture footage from this mode of transport. This would be highly expensive, so using a drone is more affordable and there is also a greater level of control. With drones available to buy or hire, there should be an affordable option that meets the needs of every party interested in using drones within the property market.


Create interesting, amazing imagery and high quality video content

The quality of images you share of your property will impact on the attention your home receives. One of the most important aspects of drone images is that it will stand out from the crowd. If property listings look the same with standard images of inside and outside a home, you can make your listing stand out by sharing property images captured by a drone.

If you are looking for content that grabs attention and makes people take notice, it is hard to improve on video content taken by a drone. If you list a property with swooping video content of a property, people are going to stop scrolling and pay attention to the listing. This is also content that is more likely to be shared so if you are keen to benefit in a viral manner, make sure that you have video content captured by a drone.

Showcasing your roof condition

While there are many critical issues for a prospective buyer to consider, the quality and condition of the roof is essential. However, it isn’t always easy to showcase the condition of a roof in a safe and effective manner. If your roof is in fantastic condition and you want to ensure prospective buyers see this, be sure to take drone images of your roof. This allows you to showcase an important feature of your home, gaining an advantage over properties that have low-quality roofs or roofs in good condition but without drone footage of the roof.

Drones footage shows the property in context of the local area

When you sell a home, you are often selling the local area too. Therefore, drone footage can be important as it shows where your home is in relation to key aspects of the local community. If a home is handily located to shops, schools, transport options or open ground, drone footage detailing the proximity is likely to impress prospective buyers.

It is always possible to list this style of benefit when promoting a home but when you show the feature, it is apparent to all potential buyers, making this a great option to show case a key asset of the property.

Small drones can be used to take images and create video content indoors
While drones are most commonly associated with outdoor images and footage, small drones can be used to create images and video content from inside the home. If you are looking to create a walkthrough of the property, and you should be, using a drone helps you to create more interesting footage. It may also be that drone footage will allow you to create images from a higher vantage point, showing off space or creating more interesting footage of the property.

Homesforte is pleased to say that we operate at the cutting edge with its approach to property marketing. This can be seen in our use of specialist 3D space scanners for creating immersive 3d virtual tours and professional film making UAVs (Drones) for taking aerial footage and photographs. We are delighted to say that our pilots are professionally trained, and we hold a UK CAA License permitting us to use drones for commercial work. If you would like to review our eligibility to operate in this manner and create this material, you can check out the online register, which can be found online here: http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/modalapplication.aspx?appid=11&mode=detail&id=7078

It is important to stay in touch with the latest trends and developments in the real estate market and drones are well worth considering. If you are keen to know the latest innovations in the property market, contact Homeforte and we will ensure you stay in the loop.






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